When I was a young girl, I held one arm up in the air while I lay in bed and said my prayers. I thought that Jesus would touch my hand or maybe even hold it if I prayed long enough. I did this on countless nights, but he never touched my hand.


Then years went by while I went to high school and then off to college, but my faith was not so strong during those years. Then years later, I remember being pregnant with my first child at the age of 28 and really needing help, so I turned to Jesus, Mary, and Saint Therese the "Little Flower". What should have been my second miscarriage was a miracle instead.

My daughter was saved after many novenas and prayers even though my physician told me I had no chance of keeping her. The next 12 years was a period of faith and prayer but mostly only when I needed something. It wasn't until I turned forty and was newly married to my current husband that everything changed.
On our honeymoon, we went to Ephesus, Turkey where we walked through the final resting place of our Blessed Virgin Mary. It was there that my faith changed in the most powerful way.

I began a deep devotion to Our Mother and began to pray daily. My faith was so strong that one night while I was praying, my spirit lifted out of my body and ascended to Jesus in heaven. The peace and tranquility I felt there, in Jesus' arms, was something I have never experienced. After much thought, I asked to return which I did, even feeling my spirit fall back into my body on the bed. I was crying upon my return and sad to have returned to normal life. I told my mom and husband first then told close family and friends about my experience. I hope and pray that one day it will happen again.

Three years later, at the age of 43, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At first, I was so scared I would die immediately. But, after talking to my neurologist, I quickly started on one of the strongest and hardest treatments for MS.

When I ran into a dear family friend, I told her about my MS, my fight to stay alive, my strong faith, and my current trip to Lourdes and Fatima. My friend then shared her story with me. By the grace of God, a set of blue rosaries in her hand turned gold while she was praying. My friend told me that the rosary was from Lourdes. I was in awe of her story.

A couple weeks later, she delivered the rosaries to me. I have kept them by my bed ever since they arrived. When I feel bad physical pain or when I want to be close to our Blessed Virgin Mary, I hold the rosary. They have not turned gold in my hand yet, but that isn't from lack of belief. It will happen, if it is to happen, when it happens!

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