There are many places I could begin my story of how I came to pray to the Blessed Mother, of which I have a special devotion to. I prayed as a child, how I was taught in school. Our class would make flower crowns every May to crown the mother of Jesus.

I remember looking into her eyes to see if they would move, I wanted this beautiful lady to look at me. Continuing to pray through grammar school for what I assume most children pray for, to win a game, to get tons of presents for my birthday and Christmas, all changed when I entered high school.

I no longer went to church on Sunday's though my mother tried her hardest to get me there. I was just too cool for church. I wouldn't want anyone to know I even believed in God. I still prayed when needed, for more important matters, flunking a test, boyfriend issues and wanting a car. Somehow, I graduated.

Off to college I stayed long enough to get all my books, and dropped out to join the working world. Now I had to get married and have kids. That is really what I wanted for myself. So, I am married I have three grown children and 3 grandchildren. Life continued on with the usual ups and downs in marriage and family. I followed in my parents footsteps an sent my children to Catholic grammar, high school and colleges. So I know they do know how to pray!

Since writing this I have remembered a time going to see my mother in law and stopping at an estate sale. The first thing I saw was a beautiful box, inside were beautiful rosaries. I asked about them and the family looked at each 

other not knowing really what to say. I think they felt bad no one wanted them, and gave them to me. Shortly after that a Catholic nun brought me rosary beads back from a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France where the blessed mother appeared to St Bernadette. I started praying again with these rosaries. I was back at weekly mass during my children's grammar school years, and while at Sunday mass, I pulled them out of my pocket and was completely startled that they had turned a bright gold! I had heard of this happening to other people. I showed them to everyone I was so amazed. I immediately told sister Joseph about the rosaries, she said hers were the same ones but had not turned gold!

These rosaries were a miracle, and I had no idea I would be begging the Blessed mother and Jesus himself for another miracle to save my mother.
Nine years ago my beautiful mother died from a brain tumor. She had never been sick or hospitalized for anything. She had a seizure in December was diagnosed and gone in May. Five months I had the honor of taking care of her, and often wish I could do it all over again. I had lost my father while three months pregnant with my first child, and now many years later, my mother. I had lost my grip on this world and have never been quite the same. The loss was monumental.

As my life goes on I often have people ask me to pray for them or someone they love. I'm not sure why but maybe because I tell stories of certain visions I have had and my rosaries turning gold.
This brings me to why I need your prayers. There is an intelligent, beautiful wonderful wife and mother whom I ran into at a wedding. I have known her and her family since she was a child. We talked, and she shared a daily battle she is fighting to beat the auto immune disease MS.

I dropped off my precious gold rosaries to her, I just knew she needed them. And I picked up another pair I have to pray for her and sure enough they also turned gold. I also gave them to her. After I told her my new rosaries had turned gold, she said, "listen hard when you pray; I think you are getting a message," and I did. In a dream two days later, this website idea came to me, and has been all consuming. It felt wonderful to give these to her she needs them, and she prays with them. And she needs every prayer from those of you who pray.

I also would love for you to tell your story and who you need prayers for. So please leave what information you want to share and the state or country you live in. I want our prayers to go around the world, one prayer at a time, so check this website everyday for new requests. There are many ways to pray and many religions, beliefs, and faiths. Just pray...
...Praying in California

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